Infiniti leadership and project leads have extensive experience in K-12, Higher Education and professional learning. Our national and global projects include: school district digital conversion strategy development; implementation and oversight; cloud services, Learning Management Systems (LMS); digital curriculum; online assessments; adaptive learning; education policy; school design; and technology readiness assessments.

K-12 Education

Infiniti has a deep understanding and a passionate commitment to state and national efforts to help transform schools and school systems by utilizing technology to promote effective digital teaching and learning. We understand that developing effective digital teaching and learning requires schools to simultaneously address and incorporate multiple factors into a plan. We have a history of working with the leading national teaching and learning organizations like Future Ready Schools and support the use of their strong planning tools ( Infiniti can lead any part or all of a school or school district’s digital conversion during the planning, implementation and/or sustaining phases of the work. We understand the importance of building a flexible and open standards enabled digital learning environment; ensuring that professional development promotes and equips teachers with new digital teaching practices; catalyzing a strong and effective leadership culture; ensuring that data, privacy and security issues are mitigated; engaging parents and community; and working within financial and resource constraints.

Higher Education

Today, colleges and higher education institutes are looking for ways to increase their efficiency and effectiveness, while enhancing their appeal to attract and retain top recruits. Providing globally competitive technology powered instruction and learning can improve a college’s nimbleness and ability to graduate workforce-ready citizens. Your Infiniti team has years of experience working on and in higher education cloud based application environments. Whether it’s supporting college and faculty digital learning, placement and collaboration needs; or providing and managing your Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) or Software as a Service (SaaS) test, development and production environments — Infiniti can help.

Professional Learning & Workforce Development

As government agencies, corporations and other organizations look to meet the changing needs of their customers, there is increasing pressure to invest in quality staff development in order to keep their organizations current and competitive. Infiniti has partnered with Time To Know to bring you the world’s most powerful professional learning and workforce development platform. Infiniti will work with you to help tailor Time To Know by easily converting any legacy resources into digitally functional resources and combine those with digitally born resources using Time To Know’s Create toolset. The modular Time To Know platform is built on open standards and therefore easily integrates with most ERP’s and other existing platforms.